Aoi Boi


Medium : TV Feature Film
Format : 2D
Resolution : HD 1920 X 1080 @ 25FPS
Aspect Ratio : (16:9) with Safe Area for (4:3)
Duration : 52 X 7
Target Group : Pre School
Genre : Edutainment
Production : Agaram Animation Studio


The story zooms around Aoi, the Rabbi and Boi, the Squirrel who resides in a beautiful Jungle. Mr. Lion, the King of Jungle has been preparing a bunch of animals for a contest. Having heard about this, the Aoi and Boi are very excited to participate in the same. They seek the help of Mr. Crane, who tells them about confronting an adventure before taking part in the contest. Crossing A the mountain and meeting Mr. Ant, Mr. Ape. Then they suddenly start jumping with the Baboons and riding on Bullocks. They came across C for Cat and get a carrot for themselves… It goes on an on and on till they meet Z the Zebra.

Now, it’s time to follow the Aoi and Boi in their amusing, invigorating and a fascinating journey.

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