Jungle Jingle


Medium : TV Series
Format : 2D
Resolution : HD 1920 X 1080 @ 25FPS
Aspect Ratio : (16:9) with Safe Area for (4:3)
Duration : 52 X 7
Target Group : Under the Age Group of 8
Genre : Action & Comdey
Production : Agaram Animation Studio


This cartoon Series is for all those who still love kidding. When the world is dissolved in an era of computer games and other sports we take you to an imaginary arena where the animal world play fun filled games and little pranks on each other.

A jungle is always imagined as a deep, creepy place that is inhabited by dangerous species. Our jungles are more of an adventurous park where fun is at its zenith.

How many times have we seen a lion shake hands with an antelope or a fish taping up a crane's beak? Well, it can all be witnessed in Jungle Jingles where the animals are in for some serious mischief.

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