Medium : TV Feature Film
Format : 2D
Resolution : HD 1920 X 1080 @ 25FPS
Aspect Ratio : (16:9) with Safe Area for (4:3)
Duration : 80 Mins
Target Group : Age Group 6 - 12
Genre : Action & Comedy
Production : Agaram Animation Studio


This is a story of how animals of a forest who are victims of a deforestation act caused by human beings, decide to get together and teach the humans a lesson. The main characters are 2 squirrels – Mamma and her son Mia. Mia gets separated from his mother during the deforestation and Mamma is left to think whether he dead or alive. Mamma forms a group with other animals and they annoy the humans to an extent that they are forced out of their houses and the animals begin living there instead.

In the end it is then revealed that Mia is alive and they are reunited once Mamma and other animals succeed in teaching the humans a lesson. How this is done forms the main part of the story. It is done by many funny and interesting events and situations.

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