Manjari - The Little Girl


Medium : TV Feature Film
Format : 2D
Resolution : HD 1920 X 1080 @ 25FPS
Aspect Ratio : (16:9) with Safe Area for (4:3)
Duration : 66 Mins
Target Group : 6 - 12 Yrs
Genre : Humour, Action & Adventure
Production : Agaram Animation Studio


Manjari is the story of a 6 years old girl, "Manjari", who is forced to leave home due to the consequences of the dark side of destiny. Her new home does not throw light on her life either. She leads a difficult life amidst of a very cruel set of people until she bumps into magical power hat surfs her out of the rough tides.

Just when things fall in place, a dark power showers the village where she lives with agony. Heks, a sorcerer is after Manjari and the children in the village for a special sacrifice in order to attain immortality. The people in the village are terrified as each child disappears from the place.

Manjari realizes that there is a responsibility on her shoulders. She is not alone though. Wih he backing of tai, a powerful young African and Aruvi, a 20 year old girl from the neighboring village, who has super natural powers, Manjari bold fight in order to rescue all the children who were kidnapped.

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