Pette the Prince

Available in : Pay TV, Free to Air, Cable TV.
Available Territories : Across the globe except India.


Medium : TV Feature Film
Format : 2D
Resolution : HD 1920 X 1080 @ 25FPS
Aspect Ratio : (16:9) with Safe Area for (4:3)
Duration : 70 Mins
Target Group : Age Group 6 - 12
Genre : Action & Comedy
Production : Agaram Animation Studio


What would a pampered young brat do, especially when he is born in a royal family and is the sole heir to his father’s throne? Well, that is Pette the Prince for you.

Set in an imaginary kingdom, revolving around a bunch of idiosyncratic characters, Pette the Prince is an animated cartoon film that narrates the story of a spoilt Prince who often finds himself in the threshold of danger. The vulnerabilities that plague him are solely constructed from the dumb head of minister Keji, who has his eyes set on the throne and believes in his master mind despite phenomenal consistency of his successful failures.

Old King, a Queen who calls herself pretty, two uber-mischievous friends, an adorable pet elephant, a wicked owl, a cunning yet dumb minister, who often falls prey to his own trap and of course a pampered, restless and young Prince Pette who is completely oblivious of the threat around him, form the vital characters that feature in this fun filled animated film, which is gift wrapped with a lot of innocent mischief.

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