There are several areas that are involved while creating an animation movie. Each of these phase involves careful analysis, quality checks and careful scrutiny to ensure perfection. Our trained and talented team & devote their complete focus in different stages of Pre-production, Production and Post Production to create the end result. Each of these phases where Agaram's talent is showcased are below.

Pre Production

This phase involves further development of ideas and planning prior to the actual animation production. Pre-production involves clear scrutiny of each production stage as this would reveal flaws, areas of improvement and gives our expert animators clear insight, discipline and patience to work on the production phase.

Steps Involved :

  • Script Writing
  • Color Model Creation
  • Story Boarding
  • Conceptual Artworks
  • Character Designing
  • Key Animation
  • Character Turnarounds


The production phase is the longest and busiest phase of the animation project. Agaram's expert animators are clearly focused and dedicate their expertise to go through the various steps involved in the production phase. From layout artists to key-frame animators to clean up artists, Agaram's animators are deeply involved to create the final project.

Steps Involved :

  • Staging
  • Animation

Post Production

After the long production phase, the post production phase involves exporting or rendering of the animated frames using a complex video editing software. The soundtracks, including the various sound effects along with advanced color correction and compositing are also done during this stage.

Steps Involved :

  • Compositing
  • Special Effects
  • Music

Process Cycle

At Agaram, all our animations are monitored through rigorous process evaluation at every step. We follow a 8 step process analysis which is carefully monitored in various stages of Pre- Production, Production and Post Production. This monitoring and quality control is handled by senior professionals in various departments.

Process Cycle